bungalow style houseSince a bungalow is a type of house rather than a style of house, it can encompass several different styles of houses. There are bungalows in the Craftsman Style, Prairie Style, Arts and Crafts Style, Spanish Mission Style, and others. However, a bungalow by definition is a single story or story and a half, which usually lends itself to being a modest structure with second floor rooms contained within the roof structure, rather than having large dormers or gables to extend the area. The Craftsman-style bungalow normally has a front porch that is fully integrated into the roof structure, which means that the entry door will be set back from the front fa├žade of the house. The siding will typically be either shakes or stucco or perhaps a combination of both. Look for deep roof overhangs with brackets as well. A very prominent feature of the Craftsman Bungalow is the presence of square columns; they are usually found on the corners of the house and may taper as they rise.