Victorian Houses

victorian era style houseThe exterior of a typical Victorian era home is, in a word, elaborate. Roof pitches are at least 12/12, and roofs may be hipped and/or gabled in a variety of combinations. The gables are emphasized with decorative wood shingles and ornate trim. Round turrets are common on the most elaborate Victorian era houses. Facades frequently include a large picture window, slightly taller than wide, surmounted by a fixed pane of ornamental glass. Victorian porches are ornate, with turned or round columns, porch rails, and turned spindles in a variety of patterns. Porches are large and gracious, often wrapping around the house. Windows: Large double-hung windows typical. Upper sash may have divided-lights. May also have ornamental windows and transoms. Façade: Wraparound front porch, usually with lots of spindles, usually a turret. Ornamentation: Usually painted in many colors, lots of details such as: dentils, barge boards, scrolls and brackets.