In the interior, the focus was on family enjoyment. It was important to integrate the interior with the exterior with the addition of many large windows. The backyard was plainly in view from inside, which added to the sense of continuity. Classic Ranches abolished the distinction between the living room and dining room, preferring to marry the two with only a low-built credenza separating the two. In addition, the kitchen and the laundry room were often combined as well.
The Ranch was built to be expanded upon. The planners knew that people would want to add to their houses, so the Ranch was designed with that idea in mind. In addition, things were built to last in a Ranch. Mahogany, old-growth cedar, teak. Material no longer available were commonly used back when the Ranches first were built. The furnaces installed back then probably still work today, whereas the furnaces made today are meant to be replaced every ten or fifteen years. The Ranch is a timeless option, one now back in style.