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Lustron homes are a model of simplicity. The nature of them being easy to assemble requires them to be simple. The most popular model was the Westchester 2-bedroom model. It had some built-ins such as a dinette storage area that also served as a room divider, built-in cabinets in the bedrooms, and some built-in appliances, all of which were also enameled metal. Enameled metal panels made up all the interior walls. There is only one floor, allowing easy access to all areas of the house. Strandlund’s idea was to provide affordable, enduring housing for as many families as possible. He pointed out that even the lower-end houses were still very good houses. The Westchester was the most popular model of Lustron house.

Kitchen: The kitchen did not come with a stove or refrigerator. However, it did include a Lustron-made sink, a dryer, steel cabinets, an optional garbage disposal, and a combination clothing/dishwasher built in under the sink. The last, also known as the Thor, was part of the Westchester Deluxe package which also came with the bathroom vanity and dinette/kitchen pass-through divider. The Thor appliance was devised exclusively for Lustron homes and proved itself highly unreliable, so it fell out of favor pretty quickly. There were built-in cabinets, while all the accessories were porcelain-enameled, of course.

Heating: Lustron homes employed radiant heating, specifically with oil-fired furnaces mounted in the ceilings. Supposedly, it gave off even heating from the ceiling, much like the sun. This worked better in theory than in practice, so Lustrons are now equipped with forced-air systems with registers in each room.

Bathroom: The bathroom included many standards such as a tub, a sink, a toilet and an illuminated cabinet. The tub and sink were made in the Lustron factories while the other amenities were brought in from outside sources.