italianate heading

The ornate nature of the Italianate isn’t limited to the exterior—it extends to the interior as well. Today, the interior of Italianates are open and airy. There may be an atrium so that the owner can have the feel of the villa, even in Minnesota. There are arched doorways, not always as decorative as in the past, but still pleasing to the eye. A typical aspect of an Italianate is a large, double-front parlor with natural colors such as ocher, green, and blue. However, the colors may be bold as well, such as bright red or yellow, to give the room a cheery feel. The bay window affords a luxurious view of the great outdoors.
The French windows, usually two sets to a wall, run nearly the entire length of the wall from ceiling to floor, affording a nice view of the exterior. The interior windows are also arched, continuing the theme throughout the house. Some renovated Italianates retain their original stained-glass windows and floor inlays, making them more authentic.