Tudor Houses

tudor style houseThe most recognizable hallmarks of this style are the decorative half-timbers set into the stucco and the prominent fireplace. The exposed half timbers are usually found only on the second floor and mostly only on the front facing gable. They often frame the windows and are usually symmetrical. Sometimes the second story front gable will protrude over the first floor, and in this case, there is normally a scalloped-edge detail to go along with the gable. The timbers are usually a dark color set on the white or other light-colored stucco.
Meanwhile, the roof is usually very steep with front-facing gables. A roof pitch of 16/12 or more is not unheard of–that means that the roof has a 16-inch rise over a 12-inch run.
Another common feature of this style is a little archway attached to the house under which one would walk to the front or side doors. South Minneapolis Tudors often include stonework that frame the front door, the steps, and accent the chimney.
Windows are usually 6/6 (six over six) or 6/1 (six over one), or less-commonly, 3/1. More traditional windows are likely to be diamond shaped.