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lustron housePrefab was the word of the day. Enameled metal panels were made in a factory and shipped to the jobsite where the entire home was assembled like a big puzzle. These houses were 1 story tall and built on a concrete slab, with no basement because there was no need for one.

The exterior of the Westchester was reminiscent of the ranch/rambler style. Casement windows with aluminum sashes and hinges that allowed the windows to swing outwards by a crank at the base were featured in this house. Mostly, the foundation was made of concrete, but a few had basements as well. The ceilings, walls and foundation were all insulated to block out the external climate. There were very specific guidelines to the dimensions of the house, which was only to be expected from a prefab house. Again, the house was made primarily of steel with a porcelain enamel finish. The specifications ran from the amount of glass wool used as insulation in the attic space to how thick the tiles could be. There were four exterior color designs from which to choose—as designed by Howard Ketchum, a famous colorist. The color scheme extended to the interior as well.